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That's the only way to bare your soul - to speak the truth, your truth as you see it. That's far more complicated than it seems because the truth can be so nuanced that it becomes incredibly easy to misspeak.

My biggest fear

[...] my mother's disappointment in me was based on unreal, imagined problems in my behavior; specters. And as I was subconsciously chasing an honest approval from my mother, my mind obliged and created specters for me to defeat. To make her proud.

Why I chose a barefoot lifestyle?

I have asked the question from the title to myself several times over the past several months, always with the genuine desire to know the answer. Then in a single moment - I do not remember what it was - it just popped into my head.

Therapeutic vulnerability

Clothes tend to hide [our posture] and instead impose an image of how the position we occupy is viewed by society, thus diminishing the person that occupies it. Clothes are in most cases a lie draped over our bodies; a lie we ought to wear to protect people from recognizing - from our posture and other forms of non-verbal communication which the clothes hide - how miserable we truly are underneath that expensive designer suit, or dress.

3 branches of nudity: the sex, the hunt and the vulnerability

I find that I am even now in a similarly vulnerable position as I write publicly about some of the things that I have kept hidden for so long from everyone, from my parents, from my friends, from my own wife, from the world in general and even from myself. But I also find that without exposing this vulnerability I am unable to move on.

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