Teaching the skills: Understand puberty and sex

Here’s a reblog of one of my posts from my other blog, which I think is relevant to the topic of this blog.

Tatine Mudrolije

Puberty occurs sometime between 10 and 14 years of age in girls and 12 and 16 years for boys. Questions about how they came to be come much sooner. I never intend to hide from the children the fact of being born from their mother’s womb with stories of having been brought by a stork, or worse (if there is worse). The details of how this happens need only be told to the extent of child’s questioning.

I’m quite aware that some children ask questions like scientists and that with this attitude my child will know about intercourse long before age 8, but so be it. I know from experience how incredibly frustrating it is to not get answers to questions which interest you so much and I will not deny my children the knowledge when they ask for it just because society thinks it inappropriate.

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