Insights into sexuality, nudity, and childhood

It seems we have gone full circle in regard to clothing. It was made to protect the family and it has turned into one of the things that wedges it apart. It stresses the parents who have additional, non-trivial chores because of it; it stresses the children because their parents are stressed and nervous about family members appearing naked before other family members, and because they would rather not wear clothing occasionally.

A comment

That's the only way to bare your soul - to speak the truth, your truth as you see it. That's far more complicated than it seems because the truth can be so nuanced that it becomes incredibly easy to misspeak.

Don’t show me your cross and I won’t show you mine

We avoid exposing our weaknesses - not simply because we don't want them exploited, but because we don't want to deal with them. We don't want to scrutinize them rationally. We hide them from others, but more terribly, we hide them from ourselves. We simplify ourselves to the point where we become so simple we are unable to function and then we suffer, pretending that we are simple.

Dark ages

"I'd never trust a fully clothed waiter [...] Who knows how long he'd been wearing all those clothes, let alone where he'd been with them."

Reasons to wear underwear

A Christian website went out of its way to explain how "the foremost reason of clothing is to cover up those parts of our body which are involved in sex" failing to realize that our entire body is very much involved in sex (in fact some of them should realize that their mouths are quite involved in sex too, and cover them up as well occasionally). If that's the main purpose of clothing then maybe we should all wear burquas and sunglasses at all times.

Teaching the skills: Understand puberty and sex

Here’s a reblog of one of my posts from my other blog, which I think is relevant to the topic of this blog.

Tatine Mudrolije

Puberty occurs sometime between 10 and 14 years of age in girls and 12 and 16 years for boys. Questions about how they came to be come much sooner. I never intend to hide from the children the fact of being born from their mother’s womb with stories of having been brought by a stork, or worse (if there is worse). The details of how this happens need only be told to the extent of child’s questioning.

I’m quite aware that some children ask questions like scientists and that with this attitude my child will know about intercourse long before age 8, but so be it. I know from experience how incredibly frustrating it is to not get answers to questions which interest you so much and I will not deny my children the knowledge when they ask for it just because society thinks it inappropriate.

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Please stop appealing to nature

Everything is natural. Appealing to the "naturalness" of something isn't an argument in either its favor, or against it. In fact, when someone invokes an appeal to nature it makes me dubious because if "it's natural" (like everything else) is all one has to say about a thing, then that thing doesn't sound like it's very interesting.

No pants subway ride

I just found out about the no pants subway ride. I think I'll be marking down January 12 for future reference. Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be able to participate in the event, considering that Croatia has no subways.

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