Naked gardening


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I bet little beats the feeling of tilling the earth (with respect to the concept of no-till gardening) naked. Ever since my wife and I started our garden, spring has been for me the best time of year to get my base tan, without wasting my time just frying in the Sun, or my money on tanning salons.

Of course, there’s a little drawback to getting my base tan purely from gardening, as that way I mostly only tan my shoulders, the back of my neck, my back, arms, and a portion of my legs. This leaves me with the most problematic area in terms of tanning – my torso – looking like cheese. But, I suppose, tanning half my body on the deck chair is faster and more comfortable than tanning my whole body on a beach towel. Continue reading


Testing whether Kiniki tan-through swimwear is not also see-through


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It took a little courage to appear in non-nudist public environment wearing nothing but Topaz Tan Through Swim Micro swimming trunks from Kiniki. I must say I was a bit worried when it first arrived as I took it out of the wrapper and noticed that I can clearly see through them. But first, a little back-story.

There is only one reason why I am interested in Kiniki tan-through swimwear. There are no good nudist beaches around the place where we normally go for a vacation. There are beaches where one can toss clothes away and enjoy the sun properly, but these beaches are very dirty. There is smelly junk everywhere, wasps are constantly flying by and it’s impossible to relax. Moreover, locals usually come by boat, they drop anchor nearby, they have boat picnics and throw junk and leftover food in the sea. Continue reading

Reasons to wear underwear


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I’ve been thinking lately about why people wear underwear. I haven’t worn any for a very long time, except when going to the doctor’s or when I believed I’d have to take my pants off in (non-nudist) public. I don’t plan to start any time soon and failing to find any reasons to do so, except when it’s medically necessary, I asked Google to think for me.

What I found was silly enough to share and debunk.

The first thing I checked out was an article on a well-known men’s web site which I’m not going to advertise because it advertises enough for the lousy content it offers. It made me click through all “top 5” reasons underwear matters only to find that the only reason it matters is because there is the word “buy” on every single page. Even though I didn’t see it, I’m sure each of them is placed right beside an underwear ad which my AdBlock promptly blocked. Oh, that was one of two reasons actually – the other was so that it arouses women who are aroused by fashionable underwear brands when they see them. Maybe it would be enough to just show them, without actually wearing them? Continue reading

The dangers of going barefoot (if you’re a bit crazy like me)


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It’s been a while since I last wrote something on my blogs, and there’s a good reason for it. Actually, it’s quite bad, but it’s why I’ve been unable to write.

I have recently discovered the beauties of going barefoot (in addition to going naked), so I started out on barefoot hikes. I tried increasing distances and different surfaces. I was doing quite well and my foot was growing stronger and more resilient.

That is, until this one fateful day after which I had to drop all my writing and all my walks because I could not walk and I even had trouble sitting properly. Getting myself to the toilet and back to bed was a victory of its own. Continue reading

Teaching the skills: Understand puberty and sex


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Here’s a reblog of one of my posts from my other blog, which I think is relevant to the topic of this blog.

Tatine Mudrolije

Puberty occurs sometime between 10 and 14 years of age in girls and 12 and 16 years for boys. Questions about how they came to be come much sooner. I never intend to hide from the children the fact of being born from their mother’s womb with stories of having been brought by a stork, or worse (if there is worse). The details of how this happens need only be told to the extent of child’s questioning.

I’m quite aware that some children ask questions like scientists and that with this attitude my child will know about intercourse long before age 8, but so be it. I know from experience how incredibly frustrating it is to not get answers to questions which interest you so much and I will not deny my children the knowledge when they ask for it just because society thinks it inappropriate.

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Barefoot, Part 2


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It’s been almost four weeks since I started out on my barefoot adventures and I’m still liking it. I walk around the house barefoot all the time now, whether we have guests or not. I have been told to put on some shoes or socks at least a couple of times, (“You’ll catch cold!”) but I just waved the issue away.

I can feel the circulation in my feet doing its job. My fingers used to freeze and go numb at the slightest hint of cold. Now I can go barefoot in the snow and they’ll only get numb if I really push it. Earlier I walked another lap aroun the village (snow’s gone now, but they say there will be more) and even though it was close to 0 degrees Celsius, I had no problems with numbness. In fact, when I got home to rinse my feet, I found my toes were fairly warm. Continue reading



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I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I can’t stop myself from walking around the house barefoot. In fact, just today I took out the trash with no shoes on and it’s negative three degrees Celsius out there! There’s something awesome about pushing my body to (my) extremes and see how it deals.

This began when I decided I’d go barefoot around the house for a day, just to see how that would feel… Actually, this very idea started brewing in my head when I saw one of the videos on YouTube with Tim Minchin (whose work I started admiring when I stumbled upon his poem Storm, shortly after which I saw Matilda the Musical on Broadway and decided I still admired his work, which led me to the said YouTube video) performing on stage barefoot. I looked up if he ever said why he performed barefoot, and found that he has. The answer is quite simple – he likes it. Continue reading

Please stop appealing to nature


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One of the most common arguments for virtually anything today goes “it’s natural”. For a food, they say it has 100% natural ingredients and everybody assumes it’s healthy, just because it’s natural. In case of nudism, proponents say it’s natural, or that it brings them closer to nature (hence, I assume, the alternative name “naturism”).

The scale on which this particular argument is used with just about anything makes me assume – the very moment I hear it – that everything that preceded it, and everything which follows, is absolute bollocks. Continue reading

Braving the hills and barrows of Samobor, naked


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Some years ago during my college years, I decided to spend a Saturday climbing Žumberak (‘Ž’ in ‘Žumberak’ is pronounced like ‘ge’ in ‘rouge’ – ‘zh’ – and the word is pronounced like ‘zhoom-bae-raak’). Žumberak is a range of mountains and hills in Croatia, west and southwest of Samobor, reaching all the way to Slovenia where it is called Gorjanci (‘gor-yaan-tsee’).

I’ve been to three peaks on the range: Oštrc (‘osh-trts’), Plešivica (‘plae-shee-vee-tsah’) and Sveta Gera (‘svae-tah gae-ra’). The first time I only visited Oštrc. I also wanted to visit a cave which was marked on the map (which I didn’t bring with me, hoping I could buy more detailed maps in Samobor, but, alas, the stores didn’t work that Saturday), but I couldn’t find any paths to it. Continue reading