Lights out

All this light could be so bright that it's blinding you to that tiny light far, far away, which is the place where you would rather be instead of where you are now. Your goal; your purpose.

I’m disgusted!

I was not worth the time required to sit down with me and ask me how I felt; I was not worth the words she'd have to waste to talk to me about my feelings; nothing I did of my own accord - for her, or otherwise - was worth talking about, let alone of praise.

What do I want?

And so as I was sitting there, scrolling pissedly back and forth over the post, wondering whether I should write to the author and tell him to piss off[...].

Decisions, decisions…

I believe the only proper way to indulge yourself is when you no longer seek to indulge yourself. If you find yourself thinking about what your next treat would be, you should probably skip it.

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