The dangers of going barefoot (if you’re a bit crazy like me)

This unusual escapade prompted a lot of talk. I even found out that being slightly crazy runs in the family - my grandmother once competed with her siblings to get the water from a community well in winter by going to the well barefoot on frozen snow (even I'm not crazy enough to try that). She said she cried from pain for two days.

How to stop being ashamed of your naked body, Part 1

What irks me most about people who are ashamed of their naked bodies - besides the fact that they may unwittingly be spreading diseases - is the fact that they are OK to carry with them 24 hours a day, every day of the year, a thing that they are so utterly ashamed of - their body. Even worse, they never do anything about their shame. I'm not talking about losing weight or building abs. I'm talking about the simplest thing in the world - accepting - that is - creating a mental state where they declare "This is my body, such as it is; I love it and always will!"

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