You can’t be in two places at once

The goal for me cannot be to eliminate all duplicity in the name of pure minimalism and who cares about everything. It is to be conscious of those aspects of myself that I cannot fully expose "in the crowd" while at the same time working towards making it possible.

The part of me that refused to be killed

I rode my bike across a stream. I used to get off the bike and push to the other side, because I thought I would fall over. But I managed to stay on the bike, defying my previous expectations. On my return trip my bike swirled in the mud of the stream and I had to stop and get off, but I didn't fall over. I managed to maintain balance, stepping into the stream with my bare foot, something that would be very uncomfortable with shoes on.

Why I chose a barefoot lifestyle?

I have asked the question from the title to myself several times over the past several months, always with the genuine desire to know the answer. Then in a single moment - I do not remember what it was - it just popped into my head.

A practical idea

The situation is somewhere between symbolism and analogy, really. The clothes make me feel trapped when I wear them. Now I'm trapped in this place because of them.


As a barefoot geocacher I get to visit very unusual places, so when the location is somewhere public, I'm twice as conspicuous.

Barefoot as a lifestyle

When I still wasn't used to walking barefoot in public I was so self-conscious all the time I literally charted (mentally) the places I "conquered" barefoot. Once I "conquered" a place, I'd frequent it until I was comfortable barefoot. The tipping point was when I was returning alone from vacation for work and on the way I stopped at Croatia's capital city, Zagreb.

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