Decisions, decisions…

I believe the only proper way to indulge yourself is when you no longer seek to indulge yourself. If you find yourself thinking about what your next treat would be, you should probably skip it.

Insights into sexuality, nudity, and childhood

It seems we have gone full circle in regard to clothing. It was made to protect the family and it has turned into one of the things that wedges it apart. It stresses the parents who have additional, non-trivial chores because of it; it stresses the children because their parents are stressed and nervous about family members appearing naked before other family members, and because they would rather not wear clothing occasionally.

Dreaming of the shadow

I've had a very interesting dream: I'm away from my family because of work. I'm working on some large project and many people report to me. Someone reaches out to me on behalf of a person who requested my attention earlier and I realize I'd forgotten all about it. I go there immediately, feeling like... Continue Reading →

A comment

That's the only way to bare your soul - to speak the truth, your truth as you see it. That's far more complicated than it seems because the truth can be so nuanced that it becomes incredibly easy to misspeak.


We all stopped dead on the soccer field, facing the house, and in a couple of moments of absolute silence and motionlessness, we quietly dispersed and left for home, all of us shuddering in fear.

Don’t show me your cross and I won’t show you mine

We avoid exposing our weaknesses - not simply because we don't want them exploited, but because we don't want to deal with them. We don't want to scrutinize them rationally. We hide them from others, but more terribly, we hide them from ourselves. We simplify ourselves to the point where we become so simple we are unable to function and then we suffer, pretending that we are simple.

My biggest fear

[...] my mother's disappointment in me was based on unreal, imagined problems in my behavior; specters. And as I was subconsciously chasing an honest approval from my mother, my mind obliged and created specters for me to defeat. To make her proud.

A story

As I find myself dancing around, trying to figure out his archetype, trying to figure out how to seamlessly involve him into an already existing story, I find myself lacking the answer to a very simple question: Who is he?

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