To identify myself as a nudist would seem to me on par with identifying myself as a human being. In fact, it would be the same as having to identify myself as a living being. All living beings are naked and underneath all the clothing, we humans are too. The only difference between us humans and all other creatures is that we are the only ones ashamed of being seen, or ashamed to see another naked individual of our own species. It would, therefore, seem prudent to identify – or perhaps better said – differentiate myself from (most) other members of my species.

Here is my (partial) identification: I am the kind of human who is not ashamed of being seen naked by, or ashamed of seeing naked a member of my own species and I spend much of my free time wearing nothing (not even underwear) – a nudist. In my view, this is the normal state of any individual. The prevalent state among us human individuals, however, is the opposite – the not-normal state of feeling shame for having one’s body exposed to the eyes of other people, or vice versa. Mind you, in some contexts, that shame could be valid – but in the context of simply wishing to remove the burden of clothes, it is truly astonishing.

This all, of course, is spoken outside of the context of a bedroom. In my view, it is due to this not-normal state of most humans, that – sadly – nudity is directly linked to sexuality. This is not to say that I am asexual – far from it! But to say that there is nothing to nakedness besides sexuality – well, let’s just say that if you think that, you’re missing a whole lot of wonderful things in life.

With this blog, I hope to shed some light on just what those wonderful things are.



  1. I just discovered your online diary today. Congratulations to an excellent beginning! I’m following you now and will be returning often! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂 Welcome to the wonderful world of nude blogging!

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