Naked in the rain

Lately I’ve been missing being naked anywhere other than my house. Yes, I’ve been exploring and experimenting with being barefoot and I’ve even joined SBL, but I’ve been restricting nudity to indoors only. Some of this is due to me becoming a dad and having no time to get outside, but mainly it’s because someone would cause a nasty scene if I were to appear outside naked in broad daylight. I do, after all, spend a lot of time outside, except I’m clothed.

So I only get to be naked outside after nightfall, when my wife and son are both tucked in and after I put the diapers in the washing machine and the dishes in the dishwasher. Even then I often pass the pleasure because I’m usually so tired I could easily put diapers in the dishwasher, or just put everything altogether in the drier and be none the wiser about what I’ve done until morning when I’ll be needing my largest cup for my daily dose of caffeine.

This is also the reason I havent written anything in almost a month. It takes time to figure out how to be a dad.

With the weather as unstable as it’s been these past few days, it’s a wonder I ever get to go outside. There’s been more rain in two days at the beginning of this week than there usually is throughout May. So, when the night is warm with only some light rain, I tend to take my time weighing my options – either risk trying to go tomorrow and likely failing, or go today, get a little wet, and then go to sleep.

The first step out the back door introduced my body to a slight breeze and the soft sound of droplets hitting the paved path leading to the bridge just outside my backyard. As I step down the steps to the pavement I feel the first drops of warm spring rain tingling my bare feet. The breeze carries with it the scent of washed asphalt, damp earth, and water vapor.

Taking it all in, I step into a small puddle on the wet pavement. I can feel the pavement took in a lot of heat during the day and transferred some of it into the water in the puddle. The puddle feels like a warm foot bath. I continue to the gate leading out of my backyard and onto a private road across the bridge, up a hill and next to an orchard. Nobody is going to be there at this hour, so I’m quite confident going up there completely naked.

As I walk along the road the breeze strenghtens and becomes cooler. I shiver, thinking how my body’s resistance to cold has gone away completely, remembering my naked strolls along this same road when the snow still covered its edges and temperatures were below freezing. As I reach the edge of the woods there, the road turns right, going along the back of the orchard and then turns into gravel road which connects onto a road leading through the village. I don’t go all the way there, but I do go ahead and step onto gravel.

The protruding rocks give my feet a beautiful foot massage as I move across them. It took some time for me to train my feet to stand gravel, but I’ve managed somewhat. I have no trouble walking even over much sharper rocks than these, so I just go on and I’m startled when I see the light just went on somewhere nearby and realize I’ve come very close to the village. I turn back, enjoying the massage a while longer.

The wind picks up again, but I barely feel it now. My body’s remembered the cold it used to endure. The raindrops now carried by the wind strike my skin harder and I can just feel a slight burning sensation as they make contact. I walk back around the orchard, wincing slightly as I step on some unexpected pebble in the dark. As I unlock the back door of my house and enter, I realize I’m making small puddles on the floor. I wipe the rain off my hair and my skin. I clean myself up before I join my wife and son in bed and I feel warm and I smell toothpaste and shampoo and rain … and that my son will need to have his diaper changed.

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  1. That gravell must have hurt!,I’m surprised that your wife hasn’t found out by waking up in the middle of the night and simply just going downstairs to the kitchen.But still good luck to you and I hope you don’t get caught by your misses.


    1. Haha! My wife knows everything about it. She even receives notifications whenever I write something on my blog.

      The gravel felt exactly as I wrote. It’s a wonderful foot massage.


  2. What a beautiful share. I appreciate greatly the share on attempting to balance life, its new shifts, and creatively finding ways to make time to be clothes free. Perhaps the next time it rains here I will, at some unwanted hour, venture out myself (although given the age range of people in my immediate neighborhood, I’m not sure that everyone will actually be asleep and off the streets). Thanks so much for sharing.

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    1. I’m in a great situation because the road is private and there’s never anyone there after dark. My venture can’t be seen in the dark from the main road because the way to the road is directly from my backyard, which is – well – at the back of my house. There’s a lot of open space there and it’s all perfectly private at any time of night, even in full moonlight. What’s more, if I ever have the time, I can access the forest path which I know by heart and I can walk all night all around the village and with some preparation I can even reach the neighboring village and from there a huge area opens up for me to explore. One night would not be enough to cover it all, and sometimes it’s even possible to go naked there during the day. I wrote about this in my other posts, feel free to browse. 🙂

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