Testing whether Kiniki tan-through swimwear is not also see-through

It took a little courage to appear in non-nudist public environment wearing nothing but Topaz Tan Through Swim Micro swimming trunks from Kiniki. I must say I was a bit worried when it first arrived as I took it out of the wrapper and noticed that I can clearly see through them. But first, a little back-story.

There is only one reason why I am interested in Kiniki tan-through swimwear. There are no good nudist beaches around the place where we normally go for a vacation. There are beaches where one can toss clothes away and enjoy the sun properly, but these beaches are very dirty. There is smelly junk everywhere, wasps are constantly flying by and it’s impossible to relax. Moreover, locals usually come by boat, they drop anchor nearby, they have boat picnics and throw junk and leftover food in the sea.

Because of all this, we usually have no choice but to go to a non-nudist beach. Then I chase that moment when I’m far enough from shore to take the horrible swimming trunks off and feel the freedom of being naked for just a few moments. After that, when we get home, I can observe how much tan I got by comparing the shade of my belly, torso, arms and legs, with the shade of my groin. The groin just goes on to keep its original pale shade which makes it a great point of reference and gives me a completely silly look.

Since this is our only option for a vacation at sea for now, I immediately liked Kiniki tan-through swimwear when I saw it on H&E Naturist‘s Facebook page. I bought a pair for myself, and a tan-through bikini for my wife. When my trunks finally arrived, I was pretty worried.

I was worried these wouldn't be enough to protect the textile wearers from the sight they fear so much.
I was worried these wouldn’t be enough to protect the textile wearers from the sight they fear so much.

I put them on at home and had my wife check them out. In the shade of home they looked alright and she could only see through if she really leaned in close and squinted. Nobody in their right mind would do that in public, but I was worried someone could see through in the sun, especially when the trunks got wet. I don’t think I could hold out another summer wearing a tan-line printer around my groin, just to save someone from the sight of the human body outside the bedroom, the backseat of a car, or a public toilet.

So, to test these out, I made a bold move and put them on in public. I went to the pools with the intention of catching any shocked glance my way (if someone doesn’t go bonkers even before that) and change into something less revealing if I see people point and stare, or kids laughing.

The result of my test was that nobody saw anything unusual. Sure, there were some glances that way, but none of them looked like they were seeing through the trunks. My guess is they simply reacted to the size of the trunks, because micro trunks are indeed very small and if they covered any less, they wouldn’t be covering enough. They’re not thongs, but their front is quite small. This is slightly unusual, given that most people wear huge swimming trunks that go all the way from above their belly buttons to their knees. An older guy wore one of those at the pools. The next time I saw him after he first saw my trunks, he was wearing regular trunks. I’m glad I could convince (without a single word spoken) at least one person to throw away some of the unnecessary textile.

I’m very glad the trunks have passed my test and that they’re not see-through. But before my final verdict I still need to see how tan through works. I haven’t had the chance for that yet, since I bought them this winter.

There is one problem with the trunks, however. As I was sitting on my deck chair, the early April sun was low on the horizon and shining through the window, onto the balcony I was on and all over me. At one point I looked down. The sun was shining over my groin and over the trunks, but also over something else. Numerous pubes protruded through the tiny holes in the trunks and the sun made them clearly visible. I thought how this was not a good look for me. I laughed at myself and told myself it was time to trim the bush a bit. Waxing would be even better, but I can’t do that on my own and I don’t know if there is anyone left in my country who would do a Brazillian on a guy.

Having tested the trunks in the field, I can say that they are quite comfortable as far as swimming trunks go. The feeling is very near to being completely naked, as the pores of the trunks will let an occasional breeze through. Lack of inner lining makes the trunks breathe nicely, but like all clothing items, they do make one feel a bit restricted.

They are very light and dry quickly. One more thing I need to test is whether they will keep my groin deathly cold like regular trunks which remain wet for too long, or whether they will dry out properly and let the warmth through, along with the occasional breeze.

When I got home, I realized I’ve never actually checked myself out in these trunks. I imagined myself looking absolutely silly, but when I looked in the mirror, I looked quite good. They live up to their name (micro) and their small size places a really strong accent onto what’s inside, even when it’s all completely wrinkled and squeezed beneath the fabric. I could say they made me look quite sexy, even with all the excess belly fat. In fact, because they come so low beneath my belly, they make it seem smaller than some other piece of clothing which normally covers me up all the way to my belly button.

All in all, I still need to see for myself how this tan through works, but from what I’ve seen so far I can say that people at Kiniki know what they’re doing. The fact that they look transparent, but are not see-through when put on is really fascinating. If there weren’t for that feeling of being a bit restricted which comes from wearing any clothes, I could – when not paying attention – easily be fooled into thinking I was walking around naked. Maybe they should try making loose tan through boxers, but I suppose I’m asking for too much. After all, the only reasonable step towards the feeling of being naked from wearing tan-through swimwear, is to actually be naked. Until, I suppose (and don’t doubt) they figure out something else.

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  1. I’ve been using these for over 20 years several times a week and I’ve got dozens of them. They’re the shortest in the pool but when you’re out there and in the sauna you’re just one of the bunch. Pity no-one else goes teeny-weeny.


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