Barefoot, Part 2

It’s been almost four weeks since I started out on my barefoot adventures and I’m still liking it. I walk around the house barefoot all the time now, whether we have guests or not. I have been told to put on some shoes or socks at least a couple of times, (“You’ll catch cold!”) but I just waved the issue away.

I can feel the circulation in my feet doing its job. My fingers used to freeze and go numb at the slightest hint of cold. Now I can go barefoot in the snow and they’ll only get numb if I really push it. Earlier I walked another lap aroun the village (snow’s gone now, but they say there will be more) and even though it was close to 0 degrees Celsius, I had no problems with numbness. In fact, when I got home to rinse my feet, I found my toes were fairly warm.The soles of my feet did lose some sensation, but it came back as soon as they warmed up again.

The other day, my wife and I threw a birthday party for her. I was in charge of bringing drinks (her being pregnant and all) and taking care people had snacks. I was barefoot all the time. Some of them said they feel cold when they see me barefoot, so I asked them if they wanted me to turn up the heating. They didn’t want me to, so we left it at that.

There was also a couple with a child – a young boy, who I believe to be about 2 years of age. They commented on me being barefoot, but I told them not to worry about that and that I feel comfortable. Their kid really had a blast playing with me around the house (yeah, I did that in addition to bringing people drinks and snacks).

Several days later, my wife went out with his mom and another one of her friends. When she came home, she told me that he’d been telling everyone how cool I was and how I’d been walking around without shoes. From the way she said it, it sounded as if he told the whole world about it and was positively excited about it too. He totally outed me, it would seem.

After that, there wasn’t much news. I continued going barefoot around the house and outside when my chores took me there. I still occasionally drive barefoot, although it’s murder to put shoes back on when I arrive at the destination. I can’t wait for warmer and drier weather so I can further strenghten my feet by walking on uneven terrain. I’m seriously considering climbing a nearby mountain barefoot the first chance I get.

Until then, I think I’ll stick to staying indoors and occasionally do a short lap around the village.

Stay barefoot (and naked)!

My bare feet.
My bare feet.

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