It’s a good thing beds have sheets, otherwise I’d have to sleep wearing stuff. In particular lately, I’d have to put on a coat, hat, and mittens, and possibly even a willy warmer. Yep, it is now officially too cold in Croatia to go anywhere naked, even to a restroom in the middle of the night. I know, Stephen Gough would disagree, but he’s a bit of a nut regarding walking naked in the cold. Sure, pushing the limits is fun, but being warm while you do it is even more fun.

It’s not just the cold – the days are so short and foggy I don’t remember what the world outside is like, and the nights are so dark I’m starting to forget what the constellations look like. Oh and there’s a moon orbiting the Earth! I haven’t seen it in ages! Well, that, at least, is some good – the only thing worse than all this cold and fog and dark would be neighbors’ dogs howling at the Moon in the middle of the night.

Will there be any naked time in the snow this winter? I don’t know, honestly. November (now going on December) has been wet. Not rainy, but wet. I don’t like to combine wet and cold, it’s bad for my health. I have a feeling that if there’s any snow this winter, it will be wet and the ground won’t freeze over as it’s supposed to and there will be mud everywhere. I sincerely hope this winter proves me wrong. I wanna make a snow angel naked, without getting all muddy.

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