What to expect when you take off your clothes in public for the first time?

The first time I went to a nudist beach I had no idea I’d be so scared to take off all my clothes I’d simply turn away and return to the safety of a hiding spot behind all the textile. The purpose of this post is to perhaps alleviate this anxiety by pointing out the things you can prepare for.

First and foremost, before you even find a spot (assuming you’re at a nudist beach), you’ll be worked up about everything. The sight of other naked people will make you tense up, rather than invite you to join in the nude sunbathing experience. You’ll be nervously asking yourself “Oh my god, did that person see that I accidentally looked at his groins?” “Do I look normal, or do I look like a sexual predator?” “Did that guy just scratch his nuts?!” You’ll feel that everybody is analyzing you or checking you out.

Know that all this is in your head (except that guy who probably did scratch his nuts). Nobody is noticing where you’re looking, unless you stare, so don’t stare. Your first task is to find your spot, then move toward that spot without looking too far away. It doesn’t really matter which spot you choose as long as you feel at least a little more comfortable with it than any other free spot at that beach. Also remember to breathe. Breathe as deep as possible. This will loosen you up a bit and make you less clumsy if you’re nervous.

Once you arrive at your spot, it’s time to put down your stuff and take off your clothes. Realizing this, you’ll probably be tense enough to be too clumsy to stand on one foot while taking off your pants, underwear, or swimsuit, or whatever it is you’ll be wearing. Remember to just relax and take it slow. Sit down while undressing. You don’t want to lose balance and fall, or worse, bump into another naked person. Don’t be shy to undress – nudists I had a chance to meet were not judgemental about other people’s bodies.

If this is your first time naked outside the house (or at all, in which case kudos to you), the quality of air, the breeze, and the feeling of the sun against your skin (particularly in regions we’re told should always be covered) may surprise you a bit. Don’t let these sensations throw you off. Enjoy them; embrace them; they’re one of the things why nudism is so fabulous!

You may fear becoming aroused at first. I’d dare to say that if you do, that’s normal, as you’re trying to get accustomed to doing something the world views and conditions you to view as sexual (and even if you consciously understand that it isn’t, your subconscious may require some convincing). But if you’re a guy, be sure to cover yourself. While erections are possible even without sexual arousal and against your will, there is no way to distinguish between the two for the bystanders and this could lead to very uncomfortable situations. One simple way to hide it is to lie on your stomach until you calm down. In case you’re not in a situation where you can lie down, put a towel around your waist and wrap it tight.

From this point onwards, it should all be downhill. That is, you should feel more and more comfortable. Congratulations, you have just taken off your clothes in public for the first time!

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  1. Love it Nikola. I do not remember precisely my first time, as it was long ago, but I would say nudists are the most friendly people I met, never, ever judging you on your body, as long as you are yourself respectful and do not stare. The more natural the better. Easier said than done though the first times. I would add not to over dramatize the situation. They are naked, you are naked, welcome to naked world! Nobody cares, so enjoy, relax and stay nude.

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