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Well, here’s a misnomer if there ever was one: The Undress!

Because we really need a complicated way to do simple things, since we’re ashamed of implementing simple solutions. I’ll never understand why people are so eager to circumvent their irrational fears and feelings of shame with their hard earned money which could have been much better spent.

If I ever see someone using this silly thing I don’t think I’ll be able to stop laughing – first at the silly way this whole process looks, then at the sheer foolishness of the person using it.

The really sad fact is that at the time of writing, the linked Kickstarter campaign had pledged more than 15 times the amount required. This is very revealing of how deeply these feelings of shame and fear of our bodies are entrenched in our society. It’s really quite disturbing to see the woman in this video changing her clothes using “the undress” and realize that what we’re actually going to such lengths for is our terror of exposing ourselves, of other people’s criticism of ourselves, and the general demonization of our bodies by the society.