Unexpected encounters

I have often wondered what I’d do if I unexpectedly encountered other people during my naked hikes. One of the things I make sure is to always have an escape route should the person I encounter prove to be violent. Another is that I try to see them before they see me. Should one precaution fail, another may not. While this doesn’t always ensure that I remain unseen, it does prevent any possible confrontations.

What bothered me most, however, was that it might be possible to encounter people with children (or only children). I’ve asked about such possibilites on-line in the past, as people may not act rationally in such situations. The best advice I got was to always carry a piece of cloth with me and put it on if I encounter anyone. I never did that because I find that the whole point of nudity is to be free of textile, but I did take other precautions, such as hiking at times and places so the likelihood of encountering anyone is minimal.

Even with all these precautions, I did encounter people. I always had a chance of escaping if they proved violent, but they never did. In fact, the worst thing that happened was that one man who saw me looked like he was about to have a heart attack. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first time I ever encountered anyone, I’m not sure if they’ve actually seen me. It was back at that lawn where I first went naked on one of my final walks there. I actually walked the length of the lawn after undressing and had to pee, so I went a little way into the woods and peed into the bush. When I turned back, I saw a group of people walking along a trail in the other part of the forest. I squatted and watched them pass by. They didn’t look like they’ve seen me and they didn’t look my way. Eventually they disappeared from sight. I waited a bit longer, then proceeded back to the place where I left my clothes.

The next time was while I was walking on a bank at the edge of the forest bordering the neighboring village. The bank overlooked huge fields so I could see very far. Since there was a forest on one side and huge fields where I could see if someone was approaching from a far on the other side, I thought I had the area well under control. I didn’t expect anyone to appear from the shrubbery lining the edge of the forest. The guy who seemed to appear from nowhere was on a phone. When I saw him I turned around and went back to where I left my clothes. He finished his conversation and asked me if I was sunbathing. I was a bit surprised and said that, yes, I was relaxing a bit. I continued walking back to where I left my clothes and he walked in the same direction. He spoke again with someone on the phone, but he didn’t mention anything about his encounter. When I turned left at the fork (I had to cross the canal), he went the other way and I was relieved.

The third and last time happened partly because of my fault. I was walking on a path through a grove and came to the fields surrounding the lake I wrote about in one of my earlier posts. As I came to the edge of the grove, I spotted an old guy working the fields. He was so involved in his work he didn’t see me even though I wasn’t far from him – he just kept on working. I went back and forth several times through the grove, thinking of trying to sneak past him, since this was the closest way back home. I got lost in thought and didn’t hear him switching on the ignition of his tractor when I decided I’d give sneaking a try. When I finally realized it, he was already on his way towards the same grove I was roaming. The situation was quite comical now I think about it, particularly when I decided to step off the path and hide behind a tree. Needless to say, that didn’t work – I found soon that there was no way to quickly get there naked, without cutting myself on the thorns which grew there. I tried to go back to the path, but the guy with the tractor was already there. So I just looked at him stupidly as he went past. He saw me, alright, his mouth agape and eyes wide. I thought he might be having a heart attack, but he went past without incident.

So, these are my enocunters with non-nudists on my naked hikes during the day. There was one other encounter where neither of us saw each other because it was dark, but I could hear the other person really well. In any case, if it’s strange to walk around naked at night, I have no idea what to say of a person who is walking knee-deep in stinking water – also in the middle of the night.

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