A visit to the saunas

Like I wrote in one of my earlier posts, nudity is a very relaxing practice. That’s why one of the best ways to relax is by going to the saunas. Not only are the saunas relaxing all on their own, but normally it is required that one uses the saunas nude.

Sure, some people are always shy and they come in wearing some amount of textile, but that needn’t discourage a nudist from fully enjoying the experience. I’ve seen some saunas requiring the usage of towels to cover one’s genital area, but this is only the case in some places with low reputation which I usually only visit once, if ever.

Still, it may be wise to inquire about house rules before entering. In saunas I visit, locals sometimes attempt to enter a sauna wearing a swimsuit, but they are stopped by an employee and told that they need to be naked, at least beneath the cloth guests are given to move about, if not completely naked.

Saunas are also a great place for nudists who have never been naked in a social swtting, to practice social nudity. It is not common for strangers to talk to you in saunas, which gives you time to adapt to the situation. If house rules allow – if not require – nudity and someone deigns to complain, you can tell them that it’s the rules and that you are uncomfortable wearing anything in a sauna.

Not only are saunas great, but they are also a fabulous place to be in during the cold days of late fall, winter and early spring. So, enjoy!

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  1. I find it silly seeing people wearing clothes in a sauna,when just a towel to sit on is needed.Being naked should come naturally to everyone but unfortunately in the judgemental world we live in peoples self doubts appear.In a nudist environment I’ve never seen anything sexual happen just a lot of nice people relaxing,so it strange when people call you weird.I write about our life naturist and non naturist alot in my blog and use mainly our own photos to illustrate it,not to exhibit ourselves but to show just how normal naturism/nudism really is.Its at http://www.freewilluk.wordpress.com if anyone’s interested


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