Nude hiking

Like I said in my first post, the first time I ever took my clothes off outside the house was on a lawn I went past each day as I went to and from school. This is how I started out hiking in the nude. The lawn was very narrow, though quite long. I’d normally undress near a tall tree at one end, and walk the length of the lawn.

I started out walking in my shoes, short distances first, then longer, then very soon the whole length. In time, I took off my shoes and did the whole meadow naked and barefoot. I went there many times, though sometimes I’d not go there for months, or even a whole year.

Later, the lawn was no longer as interesting. Whoever was taking care of it, stopped, or they did it less often and it got overgrown, much like a meadow. It became difficult to access the place as even the trail which led to it became overgrown with weeds and thorns. There was also another reason I stopped going there, which I might write about later.

The village where I live is surrounded by woods, lawns, meadows… It’s a treasure trove of locations where I can hike naked. Of course, I normally take care that I hike when I’m relatively certain I won’t run into anyone. Hiking on weekends in broad daylight is out of the question as more people decide to hike there themselves (and they don’t do it naked).

After that lawn, I often changed venues. There’s a lake near to where I live and people don’t often wander in certain parts of the surrounding woods and fields. Those were places where I could take off my clothes, lay in the grass, or walk around and explore. Not rarely, I saw deer chewing on grass, then looking at me just a moment before darting off. The area also had many hunting watchtowers which I’d occasionally climb and observe the surroundings.

Hunting Watchtower
Hunting Watchtower

My longest ever walk naked in the sun was precisely on the trails around this lake. It was a beautiful weekday during summer break. I was already at college then and these walks were perfect relaxation from my studies. I chose the time around noon, when most people are still at work and those who aren’t are on vacation. The ground was dry and warm – so dry that some paths were covered with fine dust which was perfect to walk on barefoot. I left my clothes hidden in a grove and walked nearly the whole distance around the lake. I didn’t walk all around because one part is particularly exposed and inhabited by a single family. Instead, I retraced my steps, then turned onto a path leading away from the lake. That path quickly became covered with sharp rocks, so I walked back.

There was nobody in sight the whole time. When I decided it was time to go home, I just took my clothes in my hand and carried them. I’d discovered the path leading from where I lived then to the place where I hiked earlier. This path didn’t lead next to any houses and was quite secluded as it wound along the edge of the forest and what is usually “behind” fields when they are accessed from the main road. I decided to return home by that path.

When I returned home, I realized I could have left naked and return naked and nobody would’ve seen me.

This is where I return most often for my naked hikes. Sometimes when I hike clothed I’m actually checking out new places to hike nude, studying the pathways or ground, to see if I could walk there naked without danger of hurting myself. This way I’ve discovered a route which is mostly accessible only during spring when the weeds aren’t yet fully grown and allows me to circle the whole village naked, without fears of being seen, except in some specific locations. I’ve never walked that far, though. The route is about 10 km long. I mainly walk parts of it which I’m fairly certain would be deserted. The best part is, my backyard of the house where I live now opens directly onto that route – onto the part of it, in fact, which further opens onto a completely different route which is even longer, even more deserted, and connects by fairly well hidden paths to the lawn where I hiked naked for the first time in my life. The only critical point is a gravel road where I traveled home from highschool, which I need to cross to get to the lawn (now a meadow, as it’s no longer cared for).

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