Doing chores in the nude

There are some things that I don’t like doing at all. On the other hand, there are some things I don’t particularly like doing (though I do do them), but they become at least a bit fun to do when I’m in the nude. I’m talking about chores, of course.

There’s very few things that are so much more exciting to do in the nude, as compared to doing them with clothes on, like laundry. In fact, my favorite thing to do before I begin is to take off my clothes and drop them onto the washing pile, before I sort everything and put it into the washing machine. The follow-up task – taking clothes out and moving them onto the clothes line or the dryer – is also a bit more fun in the nude.

My wife and I split the chores – since it takes me way too long to iron a shirt, she mostly does the ironing. I don’t think I’d be ironing in the nude, though. The risk of burning myself is too great.

When I cook something that doesn’t require a frying pan, I don’t mind doing it in the nude. Still, cooking does require the usage of knives, so I don’t do that very often. Also, the oven might be a bit dangerous if handled nude, as the hot air that rushes out when it’s open could burn you. The trick with the oven is to put your clothes on while waiting for the food to bake. You can also cook youself some coffee or tea as well in the meantime – in the nude, of course.

Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning out spider webs, mopping floors – these are just a few other chores that are much more fun. When I vacuum, I do carpets last. Then it’s easy to wipe the dust my bare feet picked up around the house into the carpet and do another pass on that spot with the vacuum.

Besides all the fun, another serious advantage to doing chores naked is that the sweat you produce actually serves a purpose – cooling your body. Clothed, this sweat soaks your clothes and as they move against your skin in the midst of all the motion, this can cause irritation. Of course, when you’re naked, simply take a shower after you’re done and you’re all clean, along with your home.

When it comes to doing the dishes, I’m somewhat indifferent – I don’t mind doing them clothed, because doing them naked is equally boring. I don’t know why that is, but there’s absolutely nothing that makes doing the dishes naked better than doing them clothed.

I think I’d have the most fun while washing windows on a sunny day. Unfortunately, we have neighbors and live next to a public road, so that’s not possible (I think I’d spend more time explaining myself than acutally cleaning, although I imagine people would mainly yell at me to put some clothes on, rather than seek explanation for anything).

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  1. I do chores nude, temperature permitting. The only exception is when mowing the yard. Too much flying debris! I enjoy doing my gardening nude, and also time spent in the workshop. I’m fortunate that my neighbors are all very accepting of my nudity. The only time any have even mentioned it, was to remark they weren’t brave enough to do it their self.


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