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Covering up certain body parts – especially the ones that tend to hang – is good for just one reason: protection. By this I mean primarily protection from the danger of damaging these parts of the body in the environment a person lives in. This is why we men tend to cover our genital area and why women cover their breasts – in the midst of activity, they tend to flap around uncontrollably, which can make them vulnerable, depending on the environment. According to some research, doing lots of activity without strapping the breasts in a sort of bra, may also cause them to hang later in life as the skin on and around them stretches gradually.

Most of the time, though, we are not in the environment that poses danger to these parts of our body, and we don’t tend to run or jump around all the time, so it makes perfect sense to leave them uncovered. So, even if we accept the false premise that we should cover our genital area for whatever reason, we are left with no valid reason for women to cover their breasts.

I can’t but roll my eyes when I see people at a textile beach, for example, turn their heads away (or towards if we’re talking about a frustrated man) from a woman who removes her bikini top, either hiding their laugh or showing their disgust.

I’d like to use this opportunity to applaud women who remove their bikini tops at a textile beach. I wish we men had such non-sexual body parts we normally cover, just so we could expose them in the same manner. People who are not ashamed of their bodies should show that to the world, or tell the world about it. Maybe then more people would be encouraged by it and less people encouraged to talk (yell!) against it.