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And so we have come to the first day of fall. Lucky for those of you nudies who live in warmer climates (and/or the southern hemisphere), you needn’t worry about the coming colder days, but I suppose most of us live in parts of the world which don’t really allow wearing nothing but your birthday suit.

Some of us may be lucky enough and catch some warm days before the really cold weather sets in. I remember a couple of years back I could hike naked still in December. I don’t think it will be the same this year, though, considering how cold of a summer we had in Croatia.

This is why I’ll mostly limit my nudist activities to the indoor activities, though I’m open to exploration. In the past I have tried my naked body against the harsher elements of nature, rain and snow included, though for only short periods of time (10-20 minutes in snow at most). If I find I have the time, I won’t hesitate trying again.

Since none of my family or friends are nudists, one of the things I’d like to try naked during these colder days that are at our doorstep, which I never did, is definitely a game of chess. I’m picturing us (the players) sitting at a table (naked, of course), a chessboard between us, the fire crackling merrily in the fireplace, with gray, cold and wet weather outside, raindrops hitting the glass and disappearing as they touch the bottom edge of the window frame. A christmas tree fits nicely in this picture too (though fall is a bit early for such decorations).

So, let’s say welcome to fall and I hope you have many memorable moments of your own. Feel free to describe your favorite naked activities during cold weather in the comments.