My first time at a nudist beach

I’ve already written about my first time at a nudist camp, but that wasn’t my first time naked in a social setting. My first visit to a nudist beach wasn’t it either, but it was the first time that I went public with it.

Two of my highschool friends and I went on a vacation together after graduating highschool. We choose Supetar at Brač as our destination. We went a couple of days on the regular beach, swimming, sunbathing, drinking cocktails, etc. One day we took a walk on the beach and accidentally stumbled on a nudist beach.

My friends didn’t comment much on it, so I asked them that evening if they’d like to sunbathe there the next day. They weren’t really into it, but I sad I’d give it a try because I was bored on the regular beach. Supetar didn’t offer much in the way of entertainment back then. There was the cinema in the open and we went to see a movie one day, but it wasn’t a very good experience due to bad quality. And besides, you can’t keep yourself entertained with just the cinema and cocktails, can you?

So, the next day I went to the nude beach. I walked there and I walked back. Told my pals I’d decided not to visit the nude beach that day. Truth is, I was still shy. That evening, I regretted it.

So, I went back the next day. There were only a couple days of our vacation left, so I thought what the heck. I was very excited. So excited, in fact, I had to lay on my stomach for a couple of minutes once I got naked. I chose a hidden spot my first day. Turned out more people had that spot in mind, because every once in a while someone would happen upon there, only to leave disappointed because I’ve taken the spot (it really only had room for one person). Come to think about it, more people noticed me then exactly because I was at that hidden spot than would have noticed me had I simply lain on some spot in plain sight.

As the tide set in, I had to leave because the spot got flooded. In any case, I got a couple of good hours naked, even though well hidden – or so I thought back then. I admit I was still quite shy. Nonetheless, this was also the first time I ever went swimming naked and the experience opened my eyes! I still don’t know why anyone would want to swim any other way?

I returned again the next day, thinking I’d be safe in the hidden place. It was flooded. As I turned away, I was thinking of leaving. I almost decided to do so, but then my feet took me off of the walkway onto the gravel and a spot a bit farther away from the enterance to the nudist beach. Another day of great fun ensued.

The next day I went with my friends to the regular beach again, to maybe try and get them to come to the nudist part of the beach. They shied out, but agreed that maybe later they come and check out how I’m doing. Of course, they never did. In any case, I chose the spot that was pretty exposed that day, if for no other reason then so that they could see where I was if they did happen to live up to my obviously too high expectation that they were honest.

Not only did they succeed to disappoint, but that day was also the first day that I actually met someone I thought had rather poor understanding of the rules of engagement at a nudist beach. I was sitting on my beach towel, naked, thinking about calling it a day (and a vacation for that matter, as we were leaving the next day), when a man approached me. I normally poorly estimate one’s age, but to me he looked to be in his late 30’s, maybe early 40’s. He was fully clothed and I didn’t remember seeing him at the beach earlier. He had dark, almost shoulder-length hair.

Although the whole situation seemed pretty odd to me and talking to a clothed stranger while naked was certainly a new, odd experience, I didn’t think much of it. I answered his questions, never giving him specifics of where I was staying, where I lived, etc. I was thinking that if he does try something unbecoming I can either thwart him, or scream for help, or both – attacking a naked person was bound to be punishable and I was sure people around us would help if I did.

That he did have dubious intentions became clear at the end of our conversation when he invited me for a drink. Why would a near-40-year-old invite a naked 18-year-old he just met out for a drink? Especially when they don’t even live in the same country and they’d probably never see each other again. I declined, of course. He went away, thankfully. I stayed at the beach a couple more minutes, then went back to the apartment where my shy, lying friends lay sprawled on their beds, clothed in the heat of the room. Clothing started to feel exactly how it is in such heat – unnatural; unnecessary.

I learned later that things like this aren’t uncommon on nude beaches. This is why I recommend to anyone who wishes to practice nudism in public to go to a nudist resort, rather than a nudist beach. Anyone can walk onto a nudist beach. Resorts, however, have policies which normally prevent situations like these. While the sad fact that there are people who don’t understand that nudity is different than sexuality may not convince someone who likes being naked already to stop liking it, it may convince someone to whom it was suggested to try nudism – to not try nudism again. Being in a camp or other type of nudist resort virtually annuls the chance of untoward behavior from others.



  1. Isnt it wonderful to feel the sea breeze all over your body? Nice story! We do not have a legal nude beach where we live. So my family makes our own! We find a private spot on our local beach, strip off and enjoy our day at the beach naked and free.


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