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Non-nudists tend to have misconceptions about the motivation of nudists to take off their clothes and not put any back on. However, I think everyone can relate to that great feeling of coming home from work and removing your work clothes to slip into something more comfortable. To me as a nudist, this “something more comfortable” simply means “nothing at all”. I feel comfortable in my birthday suit, thank you very much.

In this respect, being naked is in a huge way a very liberating experience. Like changing work clothes after work is almost a symbol for the coming of a relaxing part of the day, so is simply undressing.

But there is more to nudity than relaxation. The first time I went to bed naked I was thrilled because the bed became almost like a new world to me. As the bedsheets moved against my body it was as if I were feeling them for the first time. It was the same thing with walking around the house naked, as the air was rushing past. It felt like there was a whole universe hidden from me until then, behind all the clothes I normally wore. It seems like nudity is also a form of exploration, so if you like exploring, you might find nudity an interesting area to explore.

It is, I think, for this reason that whatever I do clothed, it is much more exciting to do that same thing in the nude.

So, do I even have to say why it is better to sunbathe naked? Do I have to describe all the ways in which swimming naked beats swimming in swimwear? Well, maybe I don’t. But I probably will. Some other time, though.