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There are few things as perverted and vile as pedophilia. Although I have been an atheist all my life, it was only after I learned of the increasing number of cases of pedophilia among clergy that I openly began advising people against giving money to the Church. Any institution which so obviously protects pedophiles has not earned a penny and if you donate, you should know exactly what you are funding – and I hope you have children so that you can relate at least partially to an image of your child being used as an object of sexual gratification by the hypocrite who is going to teach you about morality next Sunday. And incidentally, ask you to give him more money.

Now I want you to think about this: suppose that once in the spur of the moment, you took a photo of your children bathing in a tub, or a pool, or a lake, naked. They were playing with foam or splashing each other, laughing happily and enjoying life, so you just felt that you had to capture that moment and remember it when you happen to come across that photo. The photo in itself is not sexual in any way, it simply shows some happy kids playing naked. Now, how would you feel if you found out that someone copied that photo without your knowledge and had it for himself? Suddenly, a non-sexual photo has become a tool for sexual gratification of others, has it not? This is akin to pedophilia and clearly, perfectly innocent photos of children can constitute child pornography.

Now suppose that you later learn that the person who stole the photo had it in his library of over 120 000 naked photos of other children, as well as yours? Suppose also, if you are a member of a nudist club, that that person was the head of PR of that same nudist club. Yes – it would seem that nudists aren’t immune to this plague of child pornography which is akin to pedophilia. Leave it to one naturist Brian Taylor, head of PR of British Naturism and chairman of the Spectrum Swimming Club for naturists, to add to this stigma which already exists upon nudists, that we are perverts seeking sexual gratification in being naked and seeing nakedness.

Brian Taylor (let’s not fail to point out by name the pervert multiple times) had, according to the news report linked above,

95 category A images, 431 category B, and more than 128,000 category C.

According to Wikipedia, here are the description of the categories:

Category A: Images involving penetrative sexual activity and/or images involving sexual activity with an animal or sadism

Category B: Images involving non-penetrative sexual activity

Category C: Other indecent images not falling within categories A or B

Leave it to the hypocrisy of Brian Taylor, to claim on one hand that “Remember nudity does not equal pornography, it is perfectly possible for a non-naked image of a child to be pornographic, just as it is possible for a naked image to not be pornographic – take for instance the pictures that many parents take of their children having fun in the bath….” and on the other to collect photos with children involved in sadism, bestiality and penetrative sex. And remember that the most innocent of photos may end up in a pervert’s collection of child pornography.

I recently wrote a post about how an Internet search for “nudism” yields results which contain what I consider child pornography. It is no wonder that perverts would be drawn into nudist communities for precisely this reason (and, for that matter, to positions in which their moral authority is assumed and unquestioned, such as clergy). It is, however, rather shocking that at least one such would have held such a high position in a naturist club. It reminds us that we cannot allow ourselves to be caught off-guard by such cases. The reaction of his colleagues – immediate expulsion – was commendable, even if late. The damage had already been done.

Nudist communities today are trying hard to get members to join – especially young members. But all this is undermined if the head of their public relations department is a person like Brian Taylor. Not only do cases like that hurt the recruitment process and damage the club’s reputation – they also seriously damage any trust that members and potential members may have in all other nudist clubs.

However, unlike with the Church, I still think that it is safe to give your money to whatever nudist club you are a member of. The thing that separates the two is the fact that nudist clubs, as is clear from this case, deal with transgressors promptly and efficiently, whereas the Church hides them and protects them. Of course, it’s always a good idea to be on guard.