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Barefootnudist wrote a short list of things you can say to people who have a wrong view on nudism. While I agree with the list, I think just saying these things and leave them hanging in the air won’t convince someone who has a wrong view on nudism to change that view. For this reason, here is the answer to the “why” to all items on barefootnudist’s list.

Nudism is no disease!

Well, unless having a body is a disease in itself, this is true. Nudism is the practice, advocacy and defense of social nudity. It only exists as a separate issue because nudity has been systematically criminalized, it would seem, ever since the Bible was written. Even later, aspects of public nudity were not commonly deemed as shameful, at least not until they were banned.

Nudists are no perverted people!

Indeed, nudists who practice nudism, do not do this for the purpose of some hidden, perverted desire to feast their eyes on the naked bodies of others, or to satisfy their sexual appetites. Although I cannot speak on behalf of all nudists, I believe it safe to say that in general, nudists do not view nudity as inherently sexual like most non-nudists do. This may be difficult for non-nudists to relate with, but I would encourage them to try experimenting with that notion: take off your clothes and do something that’s completely unrelated to sexuality, such as household chores or gardening and when you’re done, put your clothes back on. It may take a while to get used to being naked, during which time you may experience some sexual tension, but it should go away once you get used to the fact that you don’t need to have sex every time you get naked outside of your bathroom. When I was first experimenting with nudism, it took maybe 5 minutes to lose the sexual tension. Though it was present the next time, it eventually stopped altogether, as I learned to separate between plain nudity and sexual activity.

Nudism has nothing to do with exhibitionism!

The purpose of exhibitionism is amusement, sexual satisfaction, or the induction of shock in others. The purpose of nudism, as I said before, is the practice, advocacy and defense of social nudity. While some instances of public nudity by nudists may induce shock in bystanders, this may not be the nudist’s desired purpose.

Nudism is not related to sexual purposes!

While nudists are not necessarily asexual (I can’t say for all nudists, but I believe most aren’t), nudism per se, and nudists’ practice thereof, is not sexual. In fact, nudists you see in the nude won’t be aroused at all, because their purpose of being naked is primarily relaxation, not sex. Nudists have sex the same as (healthy) non-nudists – in private. Does the fact that they are generally in the nude affect their sex life? Probably so, but again, that is not what they were naked for. To find out in what way it affects their sex life, we’d have to do a study. I believe it improves sex life because nudist couples are more comfortable with their bodies than couples who don’t practice nudism and at least one aspect of nudity strengthens their relationship.

Public nudity is nothing dangerous!

Personally to a nudist, nudity is not dangerous, unless one engages in dangerous activities, much like it is with non-nudists. It may not be a good idea to cook naked. As for posing a danger to others, what exactly would you expect a naked person to do? One can’t hide explosives under one’s skin. Also, how often do you see a naked sexual predator? Such people tend to hide and what better way to hide their purpose than behind layers of clothing? If the norm was to be naked, they would be quite easy to spot. Unless, of course, they were female, but we have already eliminated the majority (more than 80%) just by taking away their hiding place. Nudists have other things in mind when they are practicing nudity. You could say that if they were planning something devious, you could see it immediately, because they have nowhere to hide it.

Nudity is nothing one has to feel ashamed about!

Just because people say you should be ashamed of your body, doesn’t mean you have to listen. This statement is two-fold. First, there is the stigma on nudity in general – no matter what, they say, you should be ashamed of being naked and the less of your body is visible to others, the better. If we should be ashamed of our bodies, should we then also be ashamed of being humans, or of being born at all? This is scripture talking, not rational thought. Second, we each have a body shaped in this way or in that way – some people are shaped like athletes, some are thin, some are fat, some look like pears, some look like their skin is a couple of confection numbers too big, some have prominent bellies, some prominent buttocks, some women have almost no breasts, some men have huge breasts… none of it matters. Whatever kind of body you have, wear it proudly. Nudists do, and other nudists don’t notice imperfections. We are humans, not retouched photographs.

Nudists are self-confident!

It may be a bit of a stretch to call all nudists automatically self-confident, but yes, nudity in nudist settings does raise your confidence levels. If nothing else, at least you’ll feel more confident about your body, because nudists won’t look at you in a judgemental manner. It is, in fact, considered poor etiquette to comment on another person’s appearance in nudist settings – whether directly in their face, or behind their backs.

Nudists don’t pose a threat to public safety and/or health!

Like I said above, public nudity as a norm may even lead to an increase in public safety. As for public health, here’s an article which lists and does away with supposed risks to public health by public nudity.

Living nude is more sanitary than wearing clothes!

Nudists take care of their bodies arguably better than non-nudists. They are in plain view of everyone at all times, so lack of hygiene is out of the question. Clothes, however, hide stuff – they are made to hide stuff, after all – and they are good enough, among other things, at hiding what’s going on in your pants once you leave the toilet. On the other hand, they absorb things your body excretes, which means you are basically carrying your bodily waste around with you. When the body of a nudist throws away stuff, it gets thrown away, and what sticks to the skin gets washed away and it isn’t put back on at any time. On the other hand, one might argue that the body of a nudist is in more contact with the elements than the body of the average non-nudist. This is true, but our hands make even more contact with the elements. How do we deal with it? We wash them. And so do nudists with their bodies.

These are the points barefootnudist listed, explained to the best of my ability. I may have taken some out of context, so do warn me in the comments if that is the case. Also, if you have anything to add, feel free.