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One of the saddest things about nudism is that it’s impossible to do a search on-line and get good results, if your search term is anything involving the word “nudism.” In fact, someone looking for pornography might have better luck with that term than directly visiting the “xxx” sites.

Searching for “naturism” brings up some better results, but I’ll be damned if I don’t have my say before weirdos hijack “nudism” and equate it to “porn.” I prefer the terms “nudism”, “nudity” and “nude” to “naturism”, or “naturist”. It tells exactly what’s going on and doesn’t require silly explanations about “why we call ourselves this or that.”

Search for related terms such as “nakedness” still produces some interesting results, though this also pops up some biblical quotes. (“Your nakedness shall be uncovered, and your disgrace shall be seen.” I always thought that the use of the word “shall” in the Bible is overly dramatic.) It also produces somewhat artistic photos, but what I’m really looking for when I’m looking for anything related to nudism on-line, is people writing or talking about it. Sure, it’s nice to see it too, but I see no reason to want to see it on the Internet specifically; that is, I prefer real life settings to photo galleries which often times contain close-up shots of someone’s genital area. That’s not really what I’d (want to) be looking at on a nude beach, or any other nudist setting.

The only reason I don’t like the term “nakedness” or “naked” is because they don’t really mean what they say. When I think “naked” I mean a human exactly as one is, with no strings attached (including strings that make clothes). So, when someone tells me that someone is naked, I think “Awesome!” But when I see who they were talking about, I see that they are wearing underwear. And that’s not naked! The term is good – it’s in the title of my blog, after all – it’s just how others think of it. So yeah, you could say that those who define “naked” as “wearing underwear” are in for a little surprise when, or if, they visit here.

Another related term, “clothes free” also brings up a few photos and videos of real nudism, but mostly it’s just websites selling clothes and shipping for free. I also don’t like this term because it contains the word “clothes.” The clothing industry gets enough promotion even without nudists.

The best term for nudism would be no term at all. In my view, there are people and people who wear clothes even when it’s absolutely unnecessary. Sure, the existence of the terms “naked” and “clothed” is justified, but only to differentiate between the two and not to depict a lifestyle choice (as if having the body that you have is a lifestyle choice).

Despite all the pitfalls of searching for nudism on-line, there are several things that come up as noteworthy. One is this video about nudity by a YouTube user lacigreen, which you can find here. That’s just the one video – others are about sex(uality).

Another fun thing I found is this tutorial on how to be a nudist. The tutorial is for real beginners – people who have never been naked, or don’t remember the last time they were naked except maybe for shower, so it may give an air that there is something wrong with it, or that you need to have an excuse ready every time someone sees you doing something you wouldn’t normally do. My ultimate “excuse” for being naked is “It’s more fun to do X in the nude” and I don’t view it as an excuse. It’s like saying “Because I’m cold” when someone asks why I’m wearing a sweater.

The search for “clothes free” also gives a nice video of a group of people hiking in the nude. The fact that this video is on YouTube is mindblowing, considering what I like to call “YouTube’s ridiculous anti-nipple policies,” and this video contains shots of other, even more notorious body parts (so be warned).

Unfortunately, that’s all going for search engines when it comes to nudism. Everything else – except also the Wikipedia page – is something akin to porn, or otherwise unrelated to nudism. In fact, I dread clicking any more links after an Internet search for nudism, because one might mistake me for someone looking for child pornography (well, at least I classify sites where I see naked children doing nothing sexual in one photo and a close-up of a vulva in the next, as sites containing child pornography), or because of the high likelihood of getting my system infected with some nasty virus (yeah, I got several warnings from my browser and anti-virus while looking through the results).

The situation is quite sad. When someone who is interested in nudism, but knows nothing about the resorts or clubs, an Internet search is the go-to tool, and when it pops out the results it pops out, it’s … well … sad.

The fact that AANR or H&E Naturist for example, haven’t popped up in any of the searches (and don’t tell me it’s on the Nth page of search results, because that’s just even sadder) is also quite telling. What did pop out, however, is Croatia Naturally, when I searched for “naturism.” It must be due to my location, though it was 9th in the search results.